Web cam finder

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Web cam finder

Dissecting the web traffic, that turned out to be the DDNS setup.The device comes with a unique 6 character code which the manual says can be used for external viewing, for example if my code is abcdef then it says to browse to see my camera.If you are going to put something on the Internet, make sure that it is properly protected.Always replace default passwords and, if possible, usernames.It would be a fairly simple addition to check for the very guessable default credentials of "admin" with no password if I chose to.All this was logged to a nice text file to process later.

This camera also boasted the same features as the first except this time with a different DDNS provider, Armed with previous knowledge I decided to abandon my previous Ruby script and write my first nmap script in Lua.I had a think about releasing the code and data I've collected and decided I'm not going to.While it would be relatively easy for someone with some coding skills to reproduce what I've written I want to put at least an entry level bar in place to stop people completely abusing what is a pretty large vulnerable ecosystem.If you don't use it then remove it, if you do then consider adding extra protection, maybe add some obscurity and move it to a high random port.My camera allows disabling of both the DDNS and UPn P features so I'd recommend doing that as well.

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There are also mentions of things like "automatic registration" and "easy remote monitoring", I didn't like the sound of these so I decided to dig a little deeper.