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Last Friday, the actor was spotted at the Chicago stop of Gaga’s in Wrigley field.

Judging by the photos he took with fans at the concert, which ended up all over social media, it’s clear Kinney was having the best time ever and that he’s definitely still one of Mother Monster’s biggest fans.

He’s been so supportive of the album, and I support him on his show, .” Tuning into Kinney's NBC series is one thing — watching him strut the red carpet with another date by his side is another.

Let's be real: no matter how famous you are, that would really, really suck.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney broke off their engagement back in July 2016, but fans recently have reason to believe that the power couple is back together.Professional success may have come at a price for Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga taking a ‘rest’ from music after finishing tour The singer had previously not gone into much detail about what caused her separation from Kinney, an actor best known for his leading role in the NBC drama series "Chicago Fire." Gaga, 31, announced last July that she and Kinney, 36, had put their romance on hold, but seemed to leave the door open for them to get back together.The pop star finally offered an explanation for what ended her five-year relationship with Kinney — and she seems to think her blossoming career within the entertainment industry was a major factor. "Taylor and I have always believed we are soulmates.Lady Gaga and her former fiancé, Taylor Kinney, may be amicable exes, but even Gaga has her limits when it comes to how supportive she'll be of her one-time partner.According to the "Perfect Illusion" singer's interview with Sirius XM host Howard Stern on Monday, there's one thing that Kinney can do that would really upset Mother Monster, and that's find someone new."I'm not going to throw a fucking party," admits Gaga when asked if she would be cool with Kinney getting back in the dating world.

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"My love life has just imploded," Gaga says in a new documentary "Gaga: Five Foot Two," according to People. Just like all couples we have ups and downs, and we have been taking a break," she captioned an Instagram photo of her and Kinney with their arms on each other's shoulders.