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The gathering at Rachel's apartment in downtown Seattle that had started out with "one before we hit the bars" quickly became "we got drinks here, let's throw in a bad movie." Just before the scene where the Snake Goddess first appears on the screen, it became "we're already wasted, making out, and groping each other here, let's just switch off the movie and go to the bedroom and make this an OFFICIAL lesbian orgy! All the movement began to wake Sharon and Brenda as well. There was a click as the overseas connection was made. Troy would have been asleep when she got in, so her surprise worked.

" That had wound down about two hours ago and now the five women were sleeping in an erotic Tetris-like pattern on Rachel's bed. He's too overjoyed to see his Best Friend and Beloved Wife home safe to be mad... for not letting him know she'd be on the road after dark.

When he got back to the car, he'd bought trash bags and duct tape with his whiskey and put them in the trunk. When he turned right go out of town instead of left to go home, I thought 'He's really going to do it this time. Troy put his arm around Helen while Julie held the hand on her other side.

He's driving me out to the marsh to kill me and bury me.' I... The three of them sat like that for a few minutes, Julie and Troy looking at each other and seeming to have a very intense conversation entirely via facial expressions throughout.

Knowing her husband well enough to anticipate that he would have already cleared his schedule for Monday in case her minivan broke down and he needed to go rescue her on the eight-hour drive home, she had decided to come home late Friday night instead and surprise him with a three-day weekend. "Both their phones are off," Susan half-explained to the other women, half-examined the situation aloud to herself as she hurried to the entryway; slipping her purse onto her shoulder as she put on her shoes.

Julie told Susan about the idea, she thought it was so sweet that she used the ability they'd been teaching her to convince their friends; Claire, Rachel, Brenda, and Sharon; to help her make it a proper caper by doing a sudden girls' weekend up in Seattle so Troy would be home alone, turning it into a "Just Us" weekend too. "They wouldn't do that unless Julie made it home ok.

At the bottom of the hill, the shorter road turned to asphalt, and in the driveway of the first house on the right, on the other side of the paving break, was something better than she'd hoped for; a yellow pick-up truck backed in and a boy and girl her age helping an old man carry in groceries. "PROPAPPOU," Helen shouted as she broke into a sprint down the hill, and then realized that the old man probably couldn't hear her from this distance. Troy Medina got his bags into the open garage door, then jumped up and grabbed the bottom of the door, pulling it down halfway and motioning for her to get inside.

Julie came running back out; her father a few seconds behind, a phone in one hand and his service weapon in the other, shouting for Julie to get back in the damn house. wanted me to be lookout." Julie turned the light on.

"I'd better go talk to them," Troy said as he got up. Helen knew that the two of them had a way of talking to adults that caused them to be taken more seriously than she ever could. Why don't you come back over by our car and we'll talk about this? Helen looked questioningly down at her outfit and up again at Julie, her eyes full of tears once more.

"I'm not ON that wrinkly old goat-fucker's lawn, I'm on the FUCKING STREET and he's hiding that little bitch! And me and Troy have been talking about something a lot lately: Someday, you're gonna be running here or my house and he'll catch you first.

Or nobody'll be home, and who knows what he'll do then?

Note: I was planning to do this as a "crossover event," where Troy & Julie, Maria, and Susan would get their own stories about receiving the news and what they do next. It was only a few acres bordering the highway and her neighborhood. The leather jacket she wore protected her body and arms from the smaller branches whipping her as she ran, and she ignored the tiny lashings to her face and legs from others, knowing that the pain would be far worse if he caught her.

I decided instead to combine those stories into this one, so this chapter and the next will focus on that. Broken glass and crushed up cans on the ground were also a worry.

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Susan lived and was in a loving, open relationship with a couple named Troy and Julie Equals.