Pretty fish dating

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Pretty fish dating

They jiggled and rubbed back and forth with every step.

Before the day was over I was enjoying the secure feeling the corset gave me and my back did feel better. The only real problem was bending, but with my back I couldn’t do much of that anyway.

A young mind can be easily confused and mine was becoming just that. At best that might give me another week but inevitably I would lose.

I knew in a few more days I would shed mom’s corset, my back was feeling much better. As I mentioned earlier mom had been gradually tightening the corset.

After drying me she, for the first time dusted me with a pleasant, flowery scented powder, casually commenting that dad always used it and I was growing up. In 1910 all boys my age wore corduroy knee pants called knickers. I always had worn the former all year round since mom thought it saved a lot of scraped knees. I never connected the sudden appearance of the bath powder and the short pants in my wardrobe to the stories. One day as I dressed for church I noticed my ankle socks were different. They looked a bit sissified but weren’t too noticeable so I put it out of my mind, one more notch in my undoing.

In those days it wasn’t uncommon for a mother to bathe a ten year old son. I commented that they looked girlish but mom told me that they were just dressy.

I immediately liked the sensation of its firm stiff grip. “ Those garters are a problem but I don’t want to cut them off since I will have to sew them back on when you’re through with your back problem.” We left it at that and I finished dressing.As time went on I failed to notice that the ‘shorts’ were becoming snugger. Dad checked me out and except for a bit of pain I seemed all right.If I had I probably would have ascribed it to them shrinking in the wash. After a few days I had trouble walking upright and it still ached. You’re just about my size and it is adjustable.” I looked at it closely. It had a lot of heavy strips running up and down its length and a row of laces down the back.They’ll keep the garters in place and you might even come to like the way they pull on your legs when you walk.Besides, your knee socks will cover almost all of them.” I protested mildly as she drew them up my legs. I took a few steps and immediately I knew I liked them.

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Without the back excuse, I might even have protested wearing it. The constant reading at bedtime of the unusual stories probably helped warp my thinking. She laced me tighter than usual saying, “ This may help.” I don’t know if it would have helped but it sure felt good. I would be close to the other kids and kids notice everything. It was not unusual for boys to wear corsets in those days but they were looked at as having ‘strange’ parents.