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Incubation times for your egg can be found on the Creatu List, which you can reach using the link in your hatchery.

To pick up the egg you must first click on the small green arrow on the alert then click "Click Here to Take the Egg." Once you have your egg, go to your hatchery and incubate your egg.

The Enchanted Springs also has a chance to change your pet's color when used at the third tier, but you have an option to refuse that color change if you do not want it. To change a pet's gender simply buy a Gender Pendant from the Credit Shop or from another user and use it on the pet. If you simply want to change the capitalization of the letters in your pet's name, you can go to your profile and use the "Edit Name" option under your Creatu. In order to dye your pet a dye color, you can purchase a dye kit from the Black Market or from another player. I cannot get to Uldavi; how do I get the eggs from this planet? There are also dye colors (azure, lemon, lime, indigo, magenta, rose, orchid, amber, trance, uldavian, and gold and silver (sometimes referred to as gold)) available for some pets. You can also purchase Creatu from Rancher Shops, other players, and find them in the Atqueen forest on Atquati. Once the egg says "Ready" you can hatch it, although you are not guaranteed to hatch something as any seasonal or regular egg has a chance of failing.

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Training Your Creatu/Creatu Health: Why isn't the training link working? Will my spoiled egg rot into nothing and disappear? To find which Creatu you want to resurrect, go to your graveyard, and note the Creatu's ID number. You can change your pet's color into another hatchable color (natural, sepia, cream, black, ginger, silver, calico, achromatic, and albino) by purchasing a Natural Colored Jelly Bean from the Credit Shop, or from another player.

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