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Online sex dating no age restriction

Tinder is a FREE dating app that you can download for your phone, desktop and tablet.The app has two separate communities – one for 18 and one for younger teens aged 13-17.When you set up a profile, Tinder automatically takes information based on your Facebook profile, including photos, date of birth and sex.Once your profile is set up, Tinder will then provide you with a list of relevant matches based on your profile, interests, mutual friends on Facebook, location, sex and selected age range.A person 18 years or older cannot see Tinder profiles of users aged 17 and under.Similarily teens can view only profiles within the 13-17 age group.You can then either swipe right to make a match with another user, tap his/her image to view more or swipe left to continue looking through potential matches.

Users can then browse, like or dismiss any potential matches.To ensure your teen is safe, discuss the dangers of selecting a narrow location base on Tinder i.e. Remind children not to share images of themselves that give away information about where they live or the places they hang out.Online Predators With most social networks there are risks of online predators and Tinder is no different.Young people need to remember that it’s very easy to copy digital photos, even from within private messaging conversations.Young users may also come across content that upsets them.

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Privacy Once you sign-up to Tinder, any Tinder user (within your community i.e.

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