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Jacob smith dating

You can also read a list of the entries, without the map. Please contact Jacob at: ­e­m­a­i­l­@­J­a­c­o­b­-­H­e­a­d­.­c­o­m­. any opinions which appear to be expressed in the comments for each quinta are those of Jacob Head alone.Those who wish to reuse the data (which is released under a Creative Commons licence) may download the XML.They told their father he’d been killed by a wild beast.Jacob had worked for his uncle for 20 years by the time Joseph was born, and Jacob asked Laban to let him and his family go back home. Jacob was a good herdsman and Laban’s sheep and cattle had thrived under Jacob’s care.

The history of this unique breed is just as fascinating and colorful.

Laban begged him to stay, and told Jacob to name his wages.

So Jacob agreed to keep feeding and tending the flocks if he could have all the spotted and speckled sheep and goats.

The British Jacob was primarily an ornamental park animal, and as such was not improved (selectively bred for increased meat and wool production) as much as modern breeds, according to Janine Fenton, who breeds Jacobs at her home in Fort Collins, Colo.

Until very recently, the Jacob has not been genetically changed; it retains most of the hardy characteristics of its ancient ancestors.

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Later as an old man, Jacob moved his family and flock to Egypt.