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Consequently, there’s no connection between the user’s identity and the ASP. Session IDs are by default managed by the built-in Session IDManager.

It takes care of various things, but most importantly (for this post) the creation and validation of session identifiers. NET has two ways of transmitting session IDs back and forth to the browser, either embedded in the url or through a session cookie.

OWASP recently released their Top Ten 2013 list of web application vulnerabilities.

In this post we’ll focus on some issues related to session management, and at the end I have an announcement to make!

You can easily spot the session ID when it’s embedded in the url, it’s enclosed in S(xxx).

Here’s an example: Be warned however, you should never run an ASP.

It is common to let Forms Authentication or Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) keep track of users when they’re logged in to an ASP. By default, both Forms Authentication and WIF store the user’s identity information in a cookie.

The information is encrypted and protected with a Message Authentication Code (MAC).

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OWASP has a great guide on what you should test for in your session management.

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