Fun dating ideas for teenage couples

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Fun dating ideas for teenage couples

If you and your partner are fans of fresh produce and cooking, the farmers market can make a fantastic date.You can pick out the best fruits and vegetables for yourselves at a much lower price than at the supermarket whilst playing ‘spot the stoned ageing hippie.’ Becoming prematurely old and dull at the age of 26 has never been so much fun!In fact, they’re probably more fun than the standard go-to ideas.I personally believe that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.Open houses are so much fun to go look at as a couple.Not only can you fantasize about living in places you’ll never afford, but you also gain access to people’s questionable decorating choices.

They don't have to just be for special occasions, either; in fact, you should definitely have date nights that are "just 'cuz." The key here is to establish a regular day for your date night -- whether it's on a weekly or monthly basis -- and stick to it.And yes, I do mean outside the realms of Scrabble and Monopoly.As such, a games night can be a be a really cheap and fun way to spend an evening, whether it be in a group situation or by yourselves.Just don’t stick the other person with all the dirty dishes.Unless you’re a gaming aficionado, you may not realize that there are some really cool and fun board games out there.

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(And make sure to lock down your babysitter or nanny ahead of time so you don't have to scramble last-minute.)Keep in mind that your date doesn't have to be expensive.