Are hedge funds liquidating

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Are hedge funds liquidating

Law360, New York (April 14, 2017, PM EDT) -- Hedge fund mortality is commonplace, yet it is an infrequently examined subject. has compiled data that shows more hedge funds have closed over the last 10 years than existed at the start of it. Securities and Exchange Commission considers issuing guidance that could require mandatory transition...

Although there is substantial public commentary regarding the formation and growth of funds, many of the complex issues that arise when closing down a fund do not receive the same level of attention.

Since Reuters announced the news of Andurand liquidating his long positions, we have fielded direct messages asking us whether or not he's giving up on the bull thesis.In some cases, a fund might introduce a delay on paying back redemptions to give itself more time to dispose of hard-to-sell assets.That tactic typically rankles with investors, however, and can create a rush for the exits as investors look to get their money out of the fund as quickly as possible.The S&P 500, a commonly used benchmark to compare hedge fund performance, is down 2.59% this year.There have been numerous highly publicized hedge fund closings and redemptions in 2015.

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